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Welcome to kdfAegis

kdfAegis is a full service consulting and product development group serving global angel, venture-captial and private equity funded organizations. Our experienced team has a diverse skill set and on the ground experience in China, India, Hong Kong, Indonesia as well as across Europe and Latin America

Key Offerings

Global Venture Consulting: Market Entry Risk Mitigation, Operational Development, Fundraising (Series A/B), Capitalization Strategies, Manufacturing readiness, Sourcing Strategies, Supply Chain Development.

Product Development: Product design, marketing and launch

Sustainability Strategies/CSR Development: Metrics development/review Sustainable business case presentation, Data/trend analysis, Recruiting

Our Services

New Product Development

Offering a wide variety of product development services from concept to scale

Internet Marketing

SEO, PPC, Facebook and moblie specialists

Global Strategy Consulting

Global strategy consulting, specializing in new venture, operations and corporate social responsibility

About Us

Global Strategy, Marketing and Product Development since 2009